Stick Your Toilet Light Without It Sliding

Okay, so you’ve got yourself one of those nifty toilet lights. It’s awesome for late-night bathroom runs, but it can get annoying if it keeps slipping and sliding.


No worries, here’s a simple guide on how to make sure your toilet light stays put with an anti-slip base:

What You’ll Need

Your trusty toilet seat LED light

Anti-slip stuff (like silicone rubber, adhesive gel pads, or suction cups)

Cleaning stuff (alcohol wipes or a mild cleaner)

A towel or cloth

Gather Your Gear

Before you get started, make sure you’ve got everything you need. And, of course, make sure your toilet light is clean and doesn’t have any gunk on it.

Clean Your Toilet Seat

Give the part of your toilet seat where you’re going to stick your anti-slip base a good clean. Wipe it down with alcohol wipes or a mild cleaner, then make sure it’s dry before moving on.

Get Your Anti-Slip Stuff Ready

Depending on what kind of anti-slip material you’ve got (like silicone rubber, adhesive gel pads, or suction cups), get it ready. If it’s got a sticky side, peel off any protective backing.

Stick it on

Carefully attach your anti-slip material to the bottom of your toilet light. Make sure it’s centered and lines up with the part that’s going to touch your toilet seat.

Give It a Good Press

Push down on your anti-slip base to make sure it sticks really well. Use a bit of pressure to get rid of any air bubbles or gaps.

Let It Set

If you’re using something with adhesive, give it some time to set and get a strong grip. Check the instructions for how long it needs to dry or cure.

Stick your toilet light on

With your anti-slip base all set, it’s time to pop your toilet seat LED light into place. Put it where you want it, making sure it lines up with the anti-slip base.

Push It Down

Press down on your toilet seat LED light firmly to make sure the anti-slip base really sticks. Push evenly to make sure it grips well.

Test It Out

Give your toilet seat LED light a gentle wiggle to see if it stays put. It should feel solid and not slide around. If it moves, just reposition it and press it down again.

Final Touches

If you need to, tweak the position of your toilet seat LED light until you’re happy with how it sits. Once it’s snug, you’re all set!


By following these steps, you’ll have your toilet seat LED light securely in place, lighting up your nighttime bathroom visits without any annoying sliding.



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