Hi! I am Tefiny Tulod, I am currently working at Lamudi as a Senior Web Designer.
I have over 10 years work experience in web design & development creating and refining products in terms of software. As a web designer, I provide design solutions to meet my client’s needs in terms of web design and user graphic interfaces.
I’d like to believe that the ABCs of my expertise are as follows: Adapt. Build. Create. Design. Enhance. I always see to it that I adapt to the continued change in the digital landscape. 
For years, I have been building customer and brand experiences through digital platforms. My expertise includes content creation for known brands that complement their ideas and vision. I made sure I was able to enhance their digital footprint through search engine optimization.
Right now, I'm busy learning along with my design colleagues about UX methods, applying best practices on our daily tasks, and virtually hanging out from time to time at our recently founded UX Club.
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