How Industrial Single Board Computers Are Changing the Way We Work

The industrial sbc is a specialized type of ruggedized, high-performance computing device designed for use in harsh environments. Unlike traditional desktop or laptop computers that can be easily damaged by vibration and dust alike due their delicate construction qualities they are equipped with special features such as isolated I/O ports so the user does not have any interference on inputting data while also being able withstand extreme temperatures without fail!

SBCs are used in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, energy, transportation, and healthcare. In recent years, they have become increasingly popular in the field of industrial automation. As more and more companies adopt Industry 4.0 technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI), SBCs are being used to power a new generation of smart, connected factories.

Micromax Technology

Single Board Computers are standardized computers that are built around an internal processing structure, such as an Intel architecture or multiprocessing architecture. These standardized computers can be configured with a variety of plug-in modules, such as COMs, to increase the performance and efficiency of the end product.

Single Board Computers are ideal for processing large amounts of data quickly and directing it to the correct location. They are at the heart of the world’s most sophisticated and demanding data-driven networks. These single board computers also have the flexibility to grow with the needs of your business. GE’s new family of industrial single board computers offers modularity to help increase performance and lower costs.

Diamond System

Single-board computers are a great way to create new products and improve processes. Diamond Systems designs industrial single board computers to meet the demands of the industrial world. These rugged and reliable systems use PC-style connectors to simplify cabling and minimize shock. They are perfect for a variety of light industrial applications in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Olimex Mini-PC

Olimex’s OLinuXino board operates in a wide temperature range and can be used in industrial and commercial settings. Its open source design includes all the necessary software and hardware. Its robustness allows it to operate in industrial environments and is noise immune, as well as able to withstand temperatures ranging from – 25C to 85C. Its applications range from 3D printer control modules to ZigBee sensor home automation and relay control through WiFi.

Olimex’s Mini-PC features an A13 Cortex-A8 processor with 512 MB of RAM. Its three+1 USB ports and SD card connector allow for fast data transfer and integration with other peripherals. It also features a built-in microphone and a VGA output. It also includes an RTC PCF8536 for alarms, five on-board keys for Android navigation, and 68/74 GPIO connectors.


Investing in Novasom Industrial Single Board Computers is an excellent decision if you are in the market for a reliable, industrial PC. The company offers a wide variety of models and configurations to meet your specific needs. These machines can be used for many years and feature several custom functionalities, making them an ideal choice for industrial applications. Many of its products also feature expansion cards that can be added to provided extension sockets, allowing you to use existing hardware or to develop new ones.

The emergence of open standards is creating competition among manufacturers and driving price down. Although military customers will continue using VME for another decade, it will soon be replaced by CompactPCI in the market, and the company is trying to stay competitive. The company is also working around a growing bottleneck in its architecture.



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