Avoiding Fake Alarms with Dog Doorbells: Easy Tips

Alright, so you’ve got this cool dog doorbell thing, but you don’t want it going off like a fire alarm at a popcorn party, right?

How to make sure

Let’s chat about how to make sure those doorbell rings mean business and not just playtime.

Teach them right

First things first, train your pup to use the doorbell correctly. Make it clear that ringing it means “I gotta go” or “Emergency time.” Use treats and praise to get the message across.

Stick to the Plan

Keep a consistent schedule for potty breaks. This helps your pup understand when it’s a routine thing and when it’s an SOS situation.

Ring with Purpose

Make sure your dog knows how to use the doorbell correctly. Sometimes, they might ring it accidentally while goofing around. Teach them to ring it purposefully.

Mix Up the Tunes

If your dog uses the doorbell for different reasons, consider different bell sounds for each. One for “bathroom breaks” and another for “help, it’s an emergency.”

Keep an eye out

During training, keep an eye on your pup. Correct them if they ring the doorbell for no good reason, and reward them when they get it right.

Chill Out First

Some dogs get super excited and ring the doorbell like they just won the lottery. Calm them down before allowing them to ring them to avoid false alarms.

Burn some energy

Make sure your dog gets enough exercise to tire them out a bit. A tired pup is less likely to go overboard with the doorbell.

Reduce distractions

Minimize things outside that might grab your dog’s attention. Close the blinds or curtains to keep them focused.

Measure up the doorbell

Ensure the doorbell is at the right height for your pup. If it’s too high or too low, it might lead to accidental rings.

Tune into their needs

Get to know your dog’s signals. Sometimes, they ring the doorbell because they’re hungry or bored. Address those needs separately.

Health Check

Keep an eye on your dog’s health. Some health issues can make them restless and more likely to ring the doorbell frequently.

Praise good behavior

Praise and treat your pup when they get it right. Positive vibes go a long way toward reinforcing the right behavior.

Stay Patient

Be patient during training. It might take a while for your pup to master the art of doorbell ringing.

Keep It in Check

Regularly inspect the doorbell for any glitches. A wonky doorbell can lead to phony alarms.

Call in the pros

If your dog keeps triggering the doorbell for no reason, consider getting a dog trainer’s help. Sometimes, a pro can work wonders.


So, there you have it—a bunch of tips to keep those doggy doorbell rings on point. Train ’em up, stay patient, and your doorbell will be the real deal when your pup needs it most.




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